Creating an Ad should be simple and fun. While we work hard behind the web to make it easier for you, there are some ideas that can help to make your Ad stands out better. You can use our sample page to assist you in creating a better ad. Here are some ideas that may help.


Photo Oh Photos!

Picture speaks a thousand words. Even mobile phone can capture beautiful photos. But it is easy to take photo vertically rather horizontally. Most Selfie are taken in vertical way. For Property however, we advise you to tilt your phone horizontally before taking the photos. Clarity is also important. The higher the resolution, the better.


Ideas 1: Lights makes a huge different to your property

If your area has enough light, it will bring out the natural color and contrast of your area. Try taking your photos during the day so there is enough natural light coming in. Here we have 2 photos with comparison with each other. From here you can clearly see how enough light is important for your photos. Never take photos against the light source as this may cause over exposure. Take as many photos necessary until you find a great angle.

Ideas 2: Snap the corner of the area

It has been confirmed by Professionals that when you take a cornet, it will give a sense of larger size of your area. But more to that, it will give a wider area for your customer to access. If your home is complemented by a nice background, such as large windows facing the city view would make it more compiling.

Ideas 3.: Declutter and clean your home

Never take a photo where an area looks messy. This is a sure way to turn-off your customers quickly. The best is always clean up the area, even arranging your magazines if any. When are renting out an unfurnished unit, make sure the floors are clean and cleared from dust. When your customer view a place, a general association could form about the Owner of the property as well.

Ideas 4: Capture your prize design

For furnished properties, capture some amenities that stands out. For example, if you have a beautiful kitchen or shower area, capture that. If your bedroom is furnished with beautiful table top, capture that as well.

Ideas 5: Capture the area outside of your property

This could be outside your property. Find a good place outside your place, and think what actually attracts you about the place? Take a photo of it. It could be the greens, the swimming pool, outside your balcony, the gymnasium or sports area, the children’s playground, the sea next to your place and etc. For example the photo below creates a perfect balance between nature and architectural perception. A modern interior and an exterior that is decorated by mother nature may attracts nature lover buyers.

Pictures paints a thousand words. With proper lighting, positioning and strong subject that are portrays in your photos can help do much of your talking. So why not start letting your photos do the talking? Take some time off and start taking good photos.